Based on the REQUEST, the subscription level associated with the KEY, and the PARAMETERS defined, SEARCH generally perform a Search across the Enth Network. Results are sorted by a scoring algorithm. Results can be JSON or formatted HTML.

If html/text is specified, a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed is returned which contains the search results. If the search is unsuccessful then a message containing the reason why a result wasn't found.

If VALIDATE is true (the default is null or false) SEARCH performs a check to insure that the REQUEST has a valid answer.

If CONTEXT is true (the default is null or false), SEARCH generates additional REQUESTs 'mathematically' similar to the original REQUEST. These additional requests can be used to provide 'CONTEXT' to the original REQUEST.









    If VALIDATE is false, a json or text string containing the SEARCH results.
    If VALIDATE is true, TRUE if the REQUEST is a valid, otherwise FALSE.


Parameter Data Type Required Administrator Description
KEY String Required A valid Enth Key (refer to Login). Must be an Owner or Administrator.
REQUEST String Required The search request in the form of a word, words, question, or sentence.
SCHEMAS String A JSON list contains the Schema IDs used to evaluate the request.
VALIDATE Boolean If VALIDATE is "true" (or "1") (defaults to false) SEARCH will check the REQUEST to confirm that it is a valid REQUEST .
LONGITUDE Double Administrator A valid Longitude, typically generated from the requesting device.
LATITUDE Double Administrator A valid Latitude, typically generated from the requesting device.
SOURCE String Administrator The name or type of requesting source or device.

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