STATISTICS returns index statistics for the MODEL identified. Statistics include intersection rates with Enth Universals and other columns of data within the Enth Network. Statistics are helpful in determine exactly 'where' the REINDEX data fits with the Enth Networks. Enth uses Statistics to determine if a column is an appropriate candidate for cross source joins. Prior to retrieving statistics the Source must be REINDEXed with the STATISTICS parameter set to True. Statistics are collected during the REINDEX process.

NOTE - Collecting STATISTICS will degrade REINDEX performance.








    A JSON string containing the index STATISTICS for the MODEL identified.

SAMPLE STRING: {"schema":"Michigan - Master Angler Database","columns":[{"datatype":"string","name":"Angler S City","count":1377,"id":"F3EB2434-9D3E-600F-36E1-8460D724F43E","statistics":[{"count":758,"id":"6255CDA1-C0DE-4685-90A7-668A3C2EFDC5"},{"count":1217,"id":"9833218E-080C-440B-BACA-77F835C74A4E","universal":true},{"schema":"Purchasing Card Transactions","datatype":"string","name":"Description","count":4,"id":"1B0759B2-BDB7-663A-AF3E-56C4CB2BE65A"}]}]}


Parameter Data Type Required Administrator Description
KEY String Required A valid Enth Key (refer to Login). Must be an Owner or Administrator.
GUID String Required (or NAME) The GUID of the MODEL to be Administered.
NAME String Required (or GUID) The NAME of the MODEL to be Administered (NOTE: GUID is preferred).
LONGITUDE Double Administrator A valid Longitude, typically generated from the requesting device.
LATITUDE Double Administrator A valid Latitude, typically generated from the requesting device.
SOURCE String Administrator The name or type of requesting source or device.

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