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It’s easy to Share content (Publish) with Enth and, best of all, it’s FREE!

There are two ways to share content. The first approach uses an Enth provided publishing tool (Enth Administrator) to expose and manage your data. The second method involves publishing your data as Open Data feed and Enth handles the rest!

To download the Enth Administrator you must register first, validate your account, and then sign in at, then click on the myEnth link and download the Enth Administrator. The Enth Administrator is a Windows exe and therefore requires Windows! A User’s Manual is provided to walk you through the publishing process.

Open Data is a protocol originally developed by Microsoft; the protocol is now in the public domain, more information about Open Data and how to publish Open Data feeds can be found at Enth crawls the internet looking for Open Data feeds, when found these feeds are added to the Enth Search Engine. We haven’t found every feed…yet! So we could use your help. If you have a feed or know of a feed, send us an email with the URL of the feed (or service) and we would be glad to add it to Enth!

For information on publishing content to your website visit Distribute